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Portfolio, images and samples of websites, logos, brochures, business cards, proposals, multimedia, image editing and trade show graphics.

All your design and marketing needs without the design firm prices.

The key elements to being successful in marketing are; knowing your clients, knowing your market and being competitive to both. I can help get you focused into these areas and take some of the day to day design and marketing worries out of your hands.

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Websites have become the new business card of business. People may take your actual printed card, but you can guarantee yourself that they will check you out online (and possibly even Google you) before they do business with you. I have experience with design, html, css and editing of most other building platforms. If you have something more complex in mind, I also have reliable resources to get that project done as well.

Direct Mail
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I think Direct Mail is one of the lost tools of marketing. It focuses in on simple methods of return on investment, gathering resources for sales, and finding out what is making an impact on your particular clients.

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Your real brand. What does it stand for? Is it repeatable on any type of material and with or without color? Does it fit in most types of spaces? If you're not sure what is a good answer do a Google Image search on the top 50 companies and see what are similar about them.

Business Cards
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People will keep a good looking or unique card. Don't make your card forgettable, lets design something that fits you and your business.

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I can help you find the best way to display your products and/or services for your customers and future customers to make it easier for them to make a purchase type decision. I can also help you get the higher quality photographs of your projects you always wanted.

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Not everyone needs this, but an outstanding multimedia presentation is also very powerful. Most professional studios will really rake you over the coals to do these, but I can edit sound, video, and put them both with your logo and images to make something nice without contracting out for the work. The cost here is usually to have your own music and video to use. While I cannot shoot HD video, I can do some basic shooting for you if needed as well.

DVD/CD Labels
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Don't hand over a CD or DVD to a client or with your great products that doesn't have a nicely designed label with your logo and contact information on it. I can design and print nice quality labels for your CDs or DVDs.

Image Editing
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One thing that can easily step up your presence immediately is to improve the quality of your photographs. We become more and more driven by the visual so let them see something with good detail and that tells a story in itself.

Trade Show Graphics
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How many saggy banners have you seen at trade shows you attend? It's time to tighten the reigns down and make an impact with your brand. Get creative with a configuration that can work for all the shows you attend, make it simple, yet make them stop.

Call me today so we can talk about who your clients are, what your budget is and how we can make more of both!

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