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Professional quality work for websites, logos, brochures, business cards, direct mail, proposals, multimedia, image editing and trade show graphics.

Respect your time by letting one person manage all your needs.
See my long list of Graphic Design and Marketing Services listed below.

As the economy has fallen further and further down we are all stretched in our daily work. Let me help you manage your graphic design and marketing needs at a low cost with no worrying on your end.

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Websites have become the new business card of business. People may take your actual printed card, but you can guarantee yourself that they will check you out online (and possibly even Google you) before they do business with you. I have experience with design, html, css and editing of most other building platforms. If you have something more complex in mind, I also have reliable resources to get that project done as well.

Direct Mail
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I think Direct Mail is one of the lost tools of marketing. It focuses in on simple methods of return on investment, gathering resources for sales, and finding out what is making an impact on your particular clients.

Direct eMail
Direct emails or email blasts are very similar to Direct Mail, but are a bit more risky. People are very cautious of spam, junk email and the like and there are many methods used to stop emails from unknown or outside sources.

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Print media still has important place depending on who your clients or potential clients are. I have extensive knowledge on how to design for and what kind adjustments to make for each type of print media.

Can be very useful for the right type of messages and clients. The trick here is short and sweet (that's really true of all advertising, but billboards are the best example).

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I can help you find the best way to display your products and/or services for your customers and future customers to make it easier for them to make a purchase type decision. I can also help you get the higher quality photographs of your projects you always wanted.

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Dress up your future proposals to clients or potential investors. Making a great first impression can go a long way in your cause.

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A more advanced and complete version of a brochure I will design the best way to display your products and/or services for your customers and future customers to make it easier for them to make a purchase type decision. High-quality photos is a necessity when going down this road...I can help you in all cases.

Product Sheets
A great product or data sheet that is simplified and to the point is a great final product that could answer all the final "buy" questions a customer might have.

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Not everyone needs this, but an outstanding multimedia presentation is also very powerful. Most professional studios will really rake you over the coals to do these, but I can edit sound, video, and put them both with your logo and images to make something nice without contracting out for the work. The cost here is usually to have your own music and video to use. While I cannot shoot HD video, I can do some basic shooting for you if needed as well.

Along with the multimedia work, some companies have a need to put out content on DVD or CDs for distribution. I am able to accomplish this for you. I can produce a looping or a menu driven CD/DVD for your needs. People use these for distribution with products, in their show booths on a loop or for many other reasons.

DVD/CD Labels
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Don't hand over a CD or DVD to a client or with your great products that doesn't have a nicely designed label with your logo and contact information on it. I can design and print nice quality labels for your CDs or DVDs.

User Interfaces (UI)
User interfaces are really what make applications and/or websites efficient and a good user experience. I can help you fine tune what users will and do look at. Drive them to the most important points in your services and products.

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I am not a professional photographer, but sometimes an intermediate person to take and fine tune your images into nice looking pieces is all you need until you move onto another phase of your business. I have years of experience in editing and "cleaning up" photographic quality images.

Image Editing
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One thing that can easily step up your presence immediately is to improve the quality of your photographs. We become more and more driven by the visual so let them see something with good detail and that tells a story in itself.

Color Correction
Along with Image Editing above, one of the best ways to improve your print quality on brochures and your pictures quality on the web is to be sure its colors are dialed in and correct. Remember that people don't tune their old monitors and that there are many factors that effect the way each of us see color, but pushing the colors to have consistancy is all you can do. I have a lot of experience in reading colors and getting your quality to another level.

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Driving traffic to you is an art. Make sure you simplify your message and give people something to stop for. I can help you design to your brand and engage people passing by. Give it a shot!

Vehicle Graphics
An underused and high visibility way to connect with people, vehicle graphics can be the answer to great low-cost advertising. Use just text, images, or completely wrap your car, but all of them have an impact for a one-time initial cost.

Trade Show Graphics
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How many saggy banners have you seen at trade shows you attend? It's time to tighten the reigns down and make an impact with your brand. Get creative with a configuration that can work for all the shows you attend, make it simple, yet make them stop.

Call me today so we can talk about who your clients are, what your budget is and how we can make more of both!

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